Welcome to Sous Vide Australia

Hi there, my name is Emma Faye and I’ve been a keen amateur cook for as long as I can remember. I enjoy chatting, reading, writing, and advising about home cooking to anybody who expresses an interest.

I get a kick out of trying new foods, flavours, techniques and cooking appliances. I love fiddling around with new kitchen equipment in my ongoing quest for catering mastery.

My mission is to share my love of cooking and eating experiences as widely as possible.

This site is all about vacuum sealers. I’m trying to simplify the complexity around how vacuum sealers work, how effective they are and whether they should be a staple of every modern kitchen. 

I’m keen to share what I know about how to choose the right vacuum sealer for you and what to bear in mind when purchasing vacuum sealer bags.

I recently found myself in the position that you may find yourself in now: I’d heard of sous vide cooking and vacuum sealers and I was keen on the prospect of adding another cooking technique to my kit bag.

However, I struggled to find a site or specialist resource that was able to give me the knowledge needed to make an informed choice about the pros and cons, features and benefits of sous vide cooking and vacuum sealed food preservation.

Out of this came the impetus to put my own site together and to publish VacuumSealer.com.au. This is my attempt to fill some of the many gaps that had frustrated me.


How I Create Content

Everything you read on this site has been written by me. I believe in authenticity and will try very hard to ensure that all the information published is accurate and trustworthy.

Wherever possible, I will have gotten my hands on the vacuum sealers mentioned in this blog to get a real-world experience of how they operate and the results they deliver. If I haven’t physically been able to try out the appliance myself then I will have conducted considerable online research to elicit feedback from real customers who have bought the equipment and/or the vacuum sealer bags.

I also spend time talking to staff in local stores about what they think of the vacuum sealers they sell and the experiences they’ve had with customers, manufacturers and distributors. As mentioned previously, I really enjoy chatting about food, cooking techniques and kitchen appliances.

My mission is to make this the best online resource for researching a vacuum sealer purchase in Australia. I want you to enjoy your time in the kitchen, have realistic expectations of the model you end up choosing and to have confidence that you have made the right purchase decision.

Welcome to VacuumSealer.com.au, and I look forward to having you read my thoughts, guides and opinions. 

Emma Faye