Best Cooler for Sous Vide: 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide 

People have begun to sous vide meals in their homes using coolers. The process is almost the same as using a sous vide machine, so long as you monitor the temperature and water levels in the cooler until your cooking is done.

In this article, we will review the best cooler for sous vide. They’re useful whether you’re at a barbecue, beach party, or camping. You can take these coolers anywhere. They stand out because of their versatility and other features which we will discuss below.

The Best Cooler for Sous Vide

Best Budget Cooler for Sous Vide

1. Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler, 5 Quarts

The Coleman FlipLid Personal cooler comes in the color red and weighs two pounds. It has a height of 18.5cm, 27.2cm in length, and 20.6cm in width. Its dimensions are not too bulky but big enough to fit up to six cans of drinks. The cooler has a durable plastic material. The cooler’s surface is a very smooth texture, which makes cleaning less of a hassle.

The cooler is portable because it is lightweight, and you can carry it by its bail handle. The handle has an ergonomic design to provide comfort when carrying the cooler. It has a slim build to allow your fingers to grasp it properly, but it is also strong enough to hold the cooler. The cooler doesn’t get dirty easily, but even if it did, it takes less than ten minutes to clean.

The next time you want to have a barbecue, pull out the Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler to sous vide your steak, fish, etc. The cooler has the right elements (for example, it is plastic, it can hold a hot temperature of the water, you can cover it tightly, etc.) for you to cook properly. You can carry this cooler anywhere you want, camping, fishing, lunch at work, etc.

This cooler can hold cans of your favorite drink and still have enough space for you to fit your food. It is perfect for a picnic, camping trip, or a hike on a hot summer day. It has a FlipLid that you can easily reverse and use as a tray. The lid has molded cup holders where you can place your drink.

The Coleman brand is known for making stoves, coolers, lighting, sleeping bags, camping tools, and anything important for outdoor activities.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable cooler
  • Easy to maintain


  • The cooler cannot hold large amounts of drinks
  • It is not big enough to handle a large amount of food for sous vide


Best Portable Cooler for Sous Vide

2. Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler

The Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler is a great recommendation for sous vide. It is very efficient at keeping food warm and can hold a large amount of food because of its dimensions. It measures 34.6 cm in length, 56.5 in width, and 21 cm in height. It comes in a solid gray color, and its design allows you to fit as much content as possible.

You can stack the cooler on other Coleman coolers with an interlocking base, which makes it perfect for cookouts, parties, or picnics. Due to this design, you can keep as much content as you like, cold/warm, without worrying about them taking up too much space. It fits up to 24 cans and holds 13 x 9-inch of food items.

Another design that stands out is the handle of the cooler. While it may seem simple, it has a slim build, is easy to grasp, and supports the cooler’s weight evenly. All these qualities are what you want to look for in a cooler that can hold 24 cans of beverages along with some food.

The 24-can Party Stacker cooler has a quality plastic material, making it great for sous vide. It can hold hot water for long hours without cracking or breaking. When you fill the cooler with hot water and you touch the body of the cooler, it wouldn’t feel scalding hot to the touch.

Without any content in it, the cooler weighs 6 pounds. It’s not too bulky and can be easily stored anywhere in your home. Its stackable base makes it compatible with other Coleman stackable base coolers, allowing easy storage. It is quite easy to maintain. You only need to wash and dry it before storing it.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for sous vide
  • Stackable cooler
  • Not costly
  • Has a leak-resistant channel drain


  • It is not ideal for consistent trips


Best Insulated Cooler for Sous Vide

3. Igloo- Legend 6 Cooler

The Igloo Legend 6 Cooler has chiffon material on its surface. It is red and has a capacity of 4.75 liters. The product measures 27.5cm in length, 18.7cm in width, and 20.5cm in height. The Igloo Legend 6 is an insulated cooler, making it a great insulator for cold and warm food. The cooler can absorb and retain heat from the surroundings and can hold hot water to allow you to cook food.

The cooler can hold up to twelve cans of drinks and can easily fit anywhere. You can reverse the lid to look like a tray to place your drink or food on.

You can swing up the cooler’s handle to carry it easily, and it folds flat for easy stacking and storage. Maintaining the product is quite simple. The chiffon material makes the cooler stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and easy to clean.


  • Can fit the cooler anywhere
  • Great insulation
  • Durable
  • Lightweight (two pounds)


  • It is too small for a lot of sous vide cooking


Best Sous Vide Cooler for Large Cooking

4. Monoprice Emperor Cooler – 25 Liters 

Emperor Cooler from Monoprice is 61cm in length, 40cm in width, and 40cm in height. It weighs 1kg and has a capacity of 25 liters. The handles are on both sides of the cooler, and underneath them is the drain system. The base of the cooler is sturdy and anti-slippery.

The material of the insulation is pure polyurethane foam. It is ideal for hot cooking temperatures, making it a top pick for sous vide cooking. The cooler’s contents will remain hot for up to 150 hours regardless of whether it’s cold outside.

Another feature that makes the Monoprice Emperor Cooler stand out is how tightly secured it is. This tanned-colored cooler has tie-down straps and slots that allow you to keep the cooler in a still position while driving in your car or boat.

Other features that make the Monoprice Emperor Cooler stand out include lockable corners, a thick rubber seal, and a bottle opener. These features make it a piece of ideal camping equipment.

You can keep the contents of your cooler tightly and safely sealed with the steel reinforced padlock holes in front of the cooler. The cooler is durable, and due to its extra-thick walls and rotomolded construction, it wouldn’t get damaged even if it took a hard tumble.

The cooler is suitable for outdoor use, and you can take it virtually anywhere. It’s very easy to maintain. All you need to do is hand wash it with water and dish soap. For tougher stains, you can add baking soda to clean.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Can handle the long hours required of sous vide cooking
  • Can easily fit in any space, and you can lock it down in place


  • The side handles might not be very comfortable for carrying


Overall Best Cooler for Sous Vide

5. Stanley 10-01622-058 Adventure Series Easy Carry Cooler

This 1-pound cooler can hold up to nine cans of your favorite beverages. As the name suggests, it’s easy to carry by its handle, and you can take it anywhere. It has a leak-resistant gasket and a double wall foam cover.

The cooler can keep food warm and also serve as a beer cooler. It can keep drinks cold for up to 27 hours, two times longer than most coolers.

This green-colored cooler has the capacity of 7 quarts. Its length is 33.8cm, width is 27.2cm, and height is 21.8cm.


  • Adjustable bungee system
  • Gasket is leak-resistant
  • Affordable


  • It can only hold a small amount of content


Things to Consider Before Buying a Cooler for Sous Vide

1. Material

One of the elements to pay attention to is the material. Sous vide is a cooking method involving immersing food in a high water temperature, therefore it should be able to withstand the hot water. An insulated cooler can keep your food warm and drinks cold.

The material of the cooler will also determine how easy it would be to maintain and how long it will last. You want to get a scratch-resistant, anti-odor, and stain-resistant cooler.

2. Budget

Before buying a cooler for sous vide, you should consider how much you have to spend. Make sure you only spend money on coolers that are worth their value. All the coolers we’ve reviewed in this article are budget-friendly and top-quality.

3. Ergonomics

It would be best if you went for a cooler that is comfortable to use and suits your needs. If you plan on carrying the cooler on a hiking trip, you should consider getting one with a slim handle and one that is strong enough to balance the cooler’s weight. For example, the Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler.

4. Purpose of Use

Are you using the cooler for a cookout or a camping trip? Perhaps it’s for professional use or domestic use. You can use most of the coolers reviewed in this article for household and semi-professional purposes. Knowing what you intend to use in the cooler will help you choose the one that meets your needs.


Is it safe for me to use a cooler to sous vide?

Yes, it is safe to sous vide with a cooler, as long as you ensure the food cooks at the recommended temperature and water level and follow other safety rules.

Can I put my cooler in the dishwasher?

You are generally advised against using anything other than your hands to wash your cooler. The dishwasher might be too hard on the cooler and damage the insulation. Read the manufacturer’s manual of your cooler to determine the way you should clean your cooler.

Is it healthy to sous vide my meal?

Yes, the sous vide method is a healthy way to cook your pieces of meat or fish. It takes an extended period of time and a certain number of gallons of water, amongst other equipment, for you to properly cook with the sous vide method.

Many people might frown on this cooking method because it is not for everyone. Before you decide to sous vide, ensure you know what you’re doing and follow the safety rules, so you don’t make any mistakes (like undercooking the meat or putting water that’s too hot in the cooler).

Will the odor of meat/fish remain in my cooler after I’ve used the sous vide cooking method?

As long as it is a clean cooler, it should be odorless, but it also depends on the type of cooler you have.

What do I need to sous vide with a cooler?

To use the sous vide cooking method at home, you will need a plastic cooler, a quick-read thermometer to get the exact temperature, a plastic ziplock bag, a paper towel, or a clean towel.

Please note that you must do comprehensive research on how to sous vide with a cooler because it involves processes that you shouldn’t ignore for your safety.


We’ve reviewed the best cooler for sous vide cooking. To sous vide cook with a cooler, you have to ensure it can hold temperatures uniformly for a long time. You cannot use just any kind of cooler to sous vide.

The coolers we’ve discussed extensively will help you accomplish your goal, and their uses are not just limited to cooking.

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