The Best Heat Gun For Sous Vide (2022 Reviews)

Sous vide is a method of cooking food that involves placing food in a plastic pouch and cooking in a warm water bath. Heat guns provide the option of cooking foods (particularly fish and meat) without the inclusion of smoke, which can cause the food to have an unusual taste.

In this article, we will talk about five of the best heat guns for sous vide cooking that can bring out the color and flavor of your food.

The Best Heat Gun for Sous Vide Cooking: Contents

Overall Best Heat Gun for Sous Vide

1. SEEKONE 1800W Hot Air Gun Kit 

SEEKONE is a brand registered in America whose sole purpose is to provide the best quality and put users first in whatever product they design.

The product’s dimensions are 26.9 × 22.81 × 7.7 cm. It weighs 930 grams and comes in yellow. It has a stainless+ABS material, which makes it durable. The heat gun is lightweight and has an ergonomic design handle which makes it easy to carry. Its design would let you hold the heat gun for hours without strain or other injuries.

You can use the SEEKONE 1800W Hot Air Gun Kit for industrial purposes as well as cooking. It has high-grade technology, making life and work more convenient and efficient.

The heat gun has an LCD so you can adjust the wind speed and the temperature easily with the press of a button. It gives you optimum control so you can find the right temperature or speed that will be able to fulfill your needs.

You don’t have to wait for the heat gun to heat up – in less than ten seconds, the hot air gun reaches 600°C (1100°F). This reduces the time you have to spend working on a task. A 1.4-meter cord powers this hot air gun. When using it, you don’t have to be bothered about batteries dying out on you.

If you have used the SEEKONE heat gun before and placed it at a particular temperature, it automatically shows you the last temperature setting when you turn it on the next time, so you don’t need to set it again. This power-on memory function will help you remember the temperature that worked best for you in the past.

A power-off delay function indicates the hot air gun may turn off automatically after 15 seconds. It is put in place to increase the longevity of the heat gun.

You can adjust the temperature from 120°F to 750°F (50°C to 400°C) and the second adjustment is from 120°F to 1100°F (50°C to 600°C). You can also change your conversion to Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the two wind speed buttons simultaneously for some seconds.

The heat gun comes with four accessories. Two concentrator nozzles produce a direct concentrated heat on a particular surface, a deflector nozzle with a narrow and long heat pattern, and a reflector nozzle spreads heat to flow evenly over the whole surface of your work.

When it’s searing time, you just whip the heat gun out to begin your sous-vide cooking. The heat gun has a precise temperature control that will provide the super-hot air required to make your chicken tender. It is also great to help you concentrate the heat flow on whatever area of your food you desire.


  • You can adjust the temperature and heat speed easily
  • It comes with extra accessories
  • It is lightweight


  • The cord of the heat gun might not be long enough to reach your work


Best Dual-Temperature Heat Gun for Sous Vide

2. FURNO 300 Dual-Temperature Heat Gun

Wagner Spraytech manufactures the FURNO 300 dual-temperature heat gun. The product’s dimensions are ‎22.23×6.99×19.05 cm, and it weighs 794 grams. An electric cord powers the Furno 300, and it comes in a box with a manual and no included accessories to customize your usage. The tool warranty is up to two years.

The Furno 300 heat gun is a household power tool with a dual temperature setting hot enough to sous-vide an entire steak. The device can help you accomplish a lot of tasks around the house. According to the manufacturers, the heat gun has up to a hundred uses, including bending plastic, flooring, removing paints, and other household projects.

Its ergonomic design provides balance and comfort and reduces fatigue even when using the tool for a long time. It has a unique feature that allows you to operate the heat gun hands-free. It is very convenient to store by the built-in hanging loop in your garage or workshop.

The Furno 300 dual-temperature heat gun has two adjustable temperature settings hot enough to sous-vide chicken skins. When the temperature is on “high,” the heat output is 1100°F, and when it’s on ‘low,’ it is approximately 750°F.


  • Easy to store
  • Hands-free operation feature
  • Two temperature range


  • Accessories sold separately


Best Easy Heat Gun For Sous Vide

3. Bosch Home and Garden 06032A6170 Heat Gun

Robert Bosch GmbH, popularly known as Bosch, manufactures this heat gun and other DIY/industrial tools. The product is pale green and has the dimensions 27.6×27.5×9.9 cm, and it weighs 1kg. It is a powerful tool that gets its power from an electric cord. It has a closed handle which allows you to grip the device conveniently.

There are three temperature settings to choose from via the on-off switch. The temperature ranges are 50°C, 300°C, and 600°C. The temperature is hot enough to prepare different types of foods like meat when it’s searing time. You can adjust the fan speed, producing the airflow in three stages, 200, 350, and 500l/min.

You don’t have to spend much time waiting for the hot air to heat up. It has a fast heat-up time and provides an even distribution of heat over your working surface.

The back of the gun has a rubber surface in case you want to stand the heat gun. It is slip-resistant, so it stays in the spot you leave it.

There are multiple nozzles (sold separately) designed for specific tasks to achieve your goal. The heat gun has several uses, including stripping paint, sous-vide cooking, or you can also use it as a camping tool, etc.


  • It has multiple uses
  • Its super-hot air is perfect for sous-vide cooking
  • You can adjust the temperature and airflow


  • Lack of accessories


Best Heat Gun for Sous Vide With Accessories

4. BLACK+DECKER 1750W Heat Gun Kit with Accessories

 The Blacker+Decker heat gun has two temperature settings you can easily adjust to. You can use it to add finishing touches to a sous-vide steak either at a 460°C or 600°C temperature. You can also use it on other types of food such as chicken wings or fish. The airflow also has two adjustable settings, 570 and 740 l/min,

It has a built-in stand to operate the device hands-free and to allow the tool to cool down after use. The heat gun has several accessories, enabling it to perform several benefits such as removing paint, flooring, etc.

This orange and black multicolored heat gun is manufactured by Black+Decker, which specializes in power tools and other household equipment. A 2m electric cord powers the device. Its dimensions are 7.5 x 23.5 x 23.5cm. It weighs 376g.

The tool warranty is up to two years, and you have to read the user’s manual to know the type of damages the warranty covers.


  • The device comes with accessories
  • The tool has a long warranty cover


  • It doesn’t have a precise temperature control


Best Two-Speed Heat Gun For Sous Vide

5. DOSS DHG1500 1500W Hot Air/Heat Gun

The dimension of the product measures ‎27.2 x 22 x 8cm, and it weighs 900g. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to store. The heat gun is made from a durable material that can last for years without damage. It has an ergonomic design, and its handle will not cause strain or fatigue to your hand.

The heat gun can be used around the house for different DIY projects, defrost freezers, or sear your sous vide meal. You can select two temperature settings,100°C to 550°C, and you can control the fan speed between 200-450l/min. The tool has one concentrated tip that directs heat flow to a particular spot.

Doss is the manufacturer of the tool. They aim to make top-quality and affordable products with extra features to provide users with a premium experience. This particular heat gun has a 220/240 voltage and 1500 watts. Its power source is from an electric cord, which means you can use the tool at any time, and you don’t have to be wary about batteries dying out while you work.


  • There are two speeds you can choose from
  • The item is lightweight


  • It has just one special accessory



Do I need a heat gun for sous vide?

You do not always need to use a heat gun for sous vide cooking, but there are certain situations where it can come in handy. A professional like an executive chef would always need a heat gun on them.

You can achieve your sous vide cooking with or without heat guns, but many people find that it adds color and a bit of flavor to the dish, so it’s a must for them.

How long should the heat gun sear the meat?

It depends on how brown you want your meat to be. It should take about one to three minutes for the meat to look light brown and about five to eight minutes if you want it to look dark brown. The most important thing is to give it enough time for food safety and to ensure it doesn’t charr the meat.

Heat gun versus Searzall, which is best?

When it comes to searing or grilling, it is a big debate on which tool to go for, heat guns or Searzall. Both of these devices are very useful in different cooking methods, and they both involve the use of direct heat on food.

Despite this similarity, they are different. Searzall is an attachment placed at the end of a blowtorch to sear food without compromising the flavor, unlike other, more traditional, methods. When it comes to sous vide cooking, Searzall is not very suitable for it. It produces too much heat that can end up burning the food.

Heat guns, however, provide lower temperatures but are still powerful enough to sear the top layer of a dish. There are many types of heat guns that allow you to control the temperature, which makes it perfect for sous vide.

In conclusion, for a thick layer of searing, use a Searzall. For a lighter one, use a heat gun.

When do I use a heat gun for sous vide?

Use your heat gun when you want to sear your food. When you want the flavor of your food (like fresh herbs) to be more pronounced, heat guns are perfect for the task. You can also use a heat gun when you want to add a darker color to your sous vide meal.

Is it healthy/safe to use a heat gun for searing?

Yes, searing with a heat gun is completely safe and healthy as long as you cook the food properly.

Can I warm my food with a heat gun?

It is not common to use heat guns to warm food, although it may seem like a great idea. It is possible, but it will require a lot of heat and time.


Heat guns are very popular in the culinary world and in many households. Choosing the right heat gun for sous vide cooking plays an important role in how your meal will taste, so you shouldn’t overlook the importance of finding the right heat gun.

We hope our guide has provided some good insight for you to make your decision easier.

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