The Top 5 Best Torch For Sous Vide

A gastronomic craze known as “sous vide steak” has been trending for a while now. This is because, if sous vide is an option, it’s an excellent cooking method for steaks and a wide range of other dishes. 

It’s possible to make the case that sous vide is one of the best cooking methods right now. It’s a lengthy cooking process, but the result is a tasty steak that is also nutritious. The first step is to put the food in a special vacuum-sealed pouch and put it in a hot water bath. Sous vide steak is a eureka moment for those who think they know what a steak should taste like.

However, there is one problem with sous vide meat – it lacks the outside texture and flavor that come with a well-done steak. That’s where kitchen torches come in handy. Sous vide steak can be made to have a similar texture to a steak cooked in the oven with kitchen torches. 

Well, this guide reviews the top five best torch for sous vide that will get the job done for you. So, keep reading!

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks

  • FunOwlet Butane Torch 
  • SearPro Cooking Torch
  • BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Torch
  • Zautnkn Kitchen Blow Torch
  • LMTZWYW Culinary Torch

Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Torch for Sous Vide from our Research


1. FunOwlet Butane Torch 

This torch has an adjustable flame size and shape for maximum or minimal concentration of the flame. It also comes with one-touch piezo ignition and stabilizing plate for added safety. It is appropriate for both professional and innovative home cooks. 

Appliances like this are regularly used in the preparation of delectable caramel desserts, barbecuing meat, charring vegetables and searing ham. However, they can also be cigar lighters, and as a tool for handicrafts.

To suit a variety of purposes, the adjustable flame intensity temperature may reach up to 1300°C/2500 F, and you can choose from a variety of flames.

The combustion value ranges from 50 to 150 grams per hour. A can of gas can last for 1.6 to 2 hours when used continually, and replacing the tank just takes a few seconds.


  • Has a flame and temperature control, and the temperature may rise to 1300 degrees Celsius.
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees freely, so it may be used in any orientation.
  • Superior electric welding in terms of wind resistance, moisture resistance, and water resistance.
  • Has an electronic ignition that is completely automatic, safe, and simple.


  • It’s very easy to use. 
  • The design is ergonomic so that you can hold it easily in your hand.
  • It’s ideal for usage in restaurants, homes, picnics, hiking, camping, and other outdoor pursuits.
  • It can be attached to a butane tank that can be replaced.


  • The spark plug isn’t very strong 


2. SearPro Cooking Torch

The Searpro is a stallion among propane torches. Searing meat is a breeze, thanks to this massive kitchen torch. Even though it’s bulky, the colossal capacity tank provides a wide range of protection.

Whether you’re lighting a bonfire or roasting peppers, this strong hand torch has you covered. If you’re a fan of heavier tools, you’ll quickly fall in love with this.

It’s an excellent choice as a searing steak machine for sous vide. It works well with fish, chicken, and veggies as well.


  • It has an adjustable fuel controller that allows you to use little or as much flame needed to get the job done.
  • The flame of this compact, handheld torch is broad and powerful, reaching over 1800 degrees Celsius, making it one of the best available torches on the market.


  • This firm hand torch is capable of lighting your campfire.
  • Excellent at starting a fire on the grill using charcoal.
  • Maintains a constant temperature when searing steaks.


  • Too bulky for minor work.
  • The size makes it challenging to maneuver.


3. BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Torch

The Bluu’s high-powered propane torch gun can swiftly finish your meat and consistently give a delicious flame-broiled flavor. All you need to do is light your charcoal and enjoy your dinner with your friends.

Grilling meat and peppers, caramelizing sugar on creme brulee, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs are all made easier with this handy tool. It is also possible to light bonfires, fireplaces, and grills with this tool.

The Torch flame temperatures can reach up to 2400 °F, making it ideal for most applications. The flame exit, which is wider and heavier, enables it to produce a great flame. 


  • The handheld Propane torch head is ideal for quickly searing food.
  • It works with propane, MAPP, and MAP-Pro gas.


  • The propane torch comes with a lot of instructions for operation, which can assist beginners in learning how to use and store it.
  • Most propane tanks on the market are compatible with this product. 
  • It has a built-in hook that allows you to hang it from anywhere


  • Poor customer service 
  • Poor Ignition


4. Zautnon Kitchen Blow Torch

This enhanced cooking torch comes with two adapters and is compatible with any propane bottle, MAPP, or Butane canister.

This crème brulee torch features a long brass nozzle, strong heat resistance, decay resistance, a robust ABS body, and a screw thread valve design that allows you to set fire to your sous vide steak while keeping your kitchen safe and clean.

The device can be used at any angle, including upside down, with seamless one-handed operation. 

In addition to sous vide, it is ideal for searing steaks, caramelizing sugar on creme brûlée, glazing baked hams, roasting bell peppers, melted cheese, and toasting bread crumbs.


  • The handheld design and piezo ignition system are simple to use even for a culinary rookie
  • It has an adjustable temperature knob for complete flame control and a flame temperature of up to 1300 °C/2372 °F.


  • It’s suitable for lighting a charcoal grill, campfire, fireplace, candles, cigars, and many other things such as crafts, jewelry making, welding, camping, and dabbing.
  • Its versatility makes it an ideal culinary torch for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.


  • Poor flame adjustment 


5. LMTZWYW Culinary Torch

While using this torch, we recommend slowly opening the gas valve for your regulated use, pressing the igniter, and then increasing the flow to easily light it.

It can be used in the kitchen as well as outdoors to sear steaks, roast bell peppers, sous vide, glaze baked hams, caramelize sugar, and melt the cheese. 

This versatile torch is capable of preparing delicate desserts as well as lighting a campfire. 


  • A red knob in the center of the Butane Torch Lighter’s body adjusts the gas output, which changes the flame size.
  • It can use both propane and butane gas. 


  • It’s compact enough to store in your kitchen drawers, RV, or backpack for outdoor trips. 
  • This propane torch is simple to use, and maintain.


  • It’s hard to light 


Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Torch for Sous Vide 

Now that we’ve reviewed the five best torches for sous vide, let’s focus on the various variables to consider before purchasing your first sous vide torch. 

Temperature and Range

Two of the most essential elements are the temperature and the range of the kitchen torches. Torch flames can grow to be 6 inches long in some cases. If you’re looking for an excellent one, go for one that has a wide selection of options.

Even though some sous vide kitchen torches have a limited temperature range, the ones on our list are extremely customizable, and the best part is that these torches can reach up to 1300°C.


When choosing a kitchen torch, size is another important consideration. Your hands will start to hurt within a few seconds if they are too huge to handle, or you may need to hold them for several minutes in some circumstances.

As a result, kitchen torches must be tiny and portable so that your hands are not injured when using them, and each of the five torches on our list is quite portable. They won’t damage your hands while you’re using them, so don’t worry.


Your kitchen flashlight must be highly adaptable! There isn’t any other option. Because if your torch can scorched patterns on pastries but not sear a steak, you’ve effectively rendered it useless.

When it comes to these torches, adaptability is critical. There is no difference between searing and roasting torches. You must ensure that your torch can perform all of the tasks!

Fortunately, all of the options on our list are adaptable. As a result, they can be used on sweets, meat, and cheese. Some of them work with jewelry as well. That’s what I call awe-inspiring!


If you can’t use the torch easily, it practically belongs in the trash. In fact, whether you’re trying to sear for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, using a handheld torches should be a breeze.

But don’t worry, our reviewed torches are all easy to use, and you can expect scorching results comparable to that of professional searing kits.

Gasses Used in Torches

Each of the gasses utilized in sous vide torches has its own characteristics. To begin, here are a few of the more important ones to consider:


Propane is a standard gas for use in kitchen torches due to its capacity to generate a lot of heat and its relatively inexpensive. It also provides additional adaptability in terms of different applications.


Compared to the other options on this list,butane is more pleasant to use and can be found in small kitchen torches and cigarette lighters.

Map-Pro (Propylene)

For those who want a higher-burning form of propane, Map-Pro (Propylene) is an option. Many customers claim that the quality of the sear does not justify the additional cost over propane, which is a drawback. However, the greater temperatures allow for more flexibility.


MAPP was phased out in 2008, and MAP-Pro took its place. Previously, it was a suitable option due to its high burning temperature and rapid searing capabilities. MAP-Pro now achieves the same results.

Safety Measures To Take When Using A Touch For Sous Vide

When purchasing a torch for sous vide, the safety features are identical. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • A built-in safety lock to keep the engine from starting accidentally.
  • Finger protection to keep your finger from burning.
  • An extended hose to keep your hands away from the flames.
  • A heat-resistant substance.
  • A simple-to-operate adjusting knob.
  • An intensity trigger is used to control the flame’s intensity.


Is It Better to Buy a Propane or Butane Torch?

When compared to butane, propane creates a wider, easier-to-work-with tongue of flame. It’s also usually a lot less expensive and gives for more leeway when searing. Butane torches heat smaller regions, making them ideal for fine work. With that said, a propane torch’s adaptability sets it apart from the competition.

Why Should I Use a Torch to Sear?

Similar to sous vide, searing with a torch allows for exact heat control. As with pan steaks, sous vide is a technique that uses searing to seal in flavor rather than forming a crust for basting. Although broilers will suffice in a pinch, torches allow for more careful and exact heat delivery.

Is Using a Butane Torch on Food Safe?

Many people are concerned about the smell of gas seeping into their meal as it is being seared. The key to using any torch, not only butane, is to avoid overfeeding the flame. It may feel wonderful to crank up the heat, but an overfed flame is more likely to result in brisket that tastes like butane, for example.

Final Thoughts

FunOwlet Butane Torch is our go-to torch for sous vide cooking. They make products of the highest quality, making them ideal for people learning how to use a torch. 

SearPro is a great option if you want something with a little more substance. On the other hand, we provide a wide variety of products on this list, so you can make a choice based on your financial resources. 

There you have it. A list of the top sous vide kitchen torch options, as well as information on what to look for when purchasing a sous vide torch.

If you’re still new to sous vide cooking, read about the Sous Vide Temperature and Cooking Times GuideThe Time and Temperature Required for Sous Vide Cooking

And if you’re interested in buying an immersion circulator to get started on your sous vide cooking adventure, see here for prices and more information


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