Best Commercial Sous Vide Machines In 2022

If you’ve tried the sous vide style of cooking, you’ll realize that it is one of the best culinary methods today. Cooking your meal in the sous vide style brings out a rich combination of flavors and maintains the meal’s nutritional value.

For those with experience, you know you need a good sous vide cooker to perform this cooking style. A sous vide cooker comprises a water bath, container, and sous vide machine.

If you’re a professional chef and need a commercial sous vide machine for a commercial kitchen or large establishment, we’ve prepared some of the best machines you will find on the market today. Let’s look at some of these market trends.

1. Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker 

The Wancle SVC001 cooker is a great choice for you to consider, especially if you’re looking for a sous vide machine for a commercial establishment and also for domestic use. This device offers a simple design, a user-friendly interface, and full operation.

You can use this device to cook a wide range of dishes and use it with many containers or water-filled pots. Some of the common food materials you can use for cooking include beef, chicken, pork, seafood, pasta, egg, salad, dessert, baking, chocolate, and more.

The SVC001 is capable of both domestic and commercial applications. If you need a machine for personal and commercial use, you can get this product and save money.

The machine is designed to make cooking easier and give you complete control over the process. The controls of this machine are detailed and are fashioned to control everything down to the finest point.

You can easily control the temperature in your cooker because the machine has a temperature reading of up to 0.1 degrees Celsius, so you no longer have to worry about your food overcooking. Also, the timer is set to read up to minutes, and you can set your cooker as low as one minute.

The controls ensure that you can set your water bath to the smallest 0.1 and your timer to the nearest minute. This feature gives you complete control over the cooking process and everything it entails.

Also, you can set your timer to a maximum of 99 hours and 59 mins, which means you can cook for extended periods without constantly resetting your timer. You can also set the precise temperature to a maximum of 99.9 degrees.

Wancle has designed this product to be straightforward to operate. Unlike other brands with extra features like Bluetooth and Wi-fi, the SVC001 keeps it simple. The control panel at the top is all you need to set your cooker.

Also, the machine is designed to give you unlimited access to the controls. A curve prevents steam from coating the controls, and you can easily see what is displayed at all times.


  • It can be used for different containers.
  • Simple design.
  • User-friendly controls.


  • It is prone to damage.


The Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker is great for domestic and commercial use. The power rating is suitable for medium to large containers.

2. My Sous Vide MY-101 Immersion Cooker

Next, this My Sous Vide cooker model has also proven to be a worthy choice for commercial use. This product was first available in 2017 and is still among the best Sous Vide Machines on the market.

The body is made with 316-grade stainless steel, a great choice for a water immersion device. Stainless steel contributes durability and efficiency of the cooker; it is resistant to corrosion. You don’t have to worry about your machine rusting after extended use underwater. Stainless steel is good for transferring heat to the water bath.

In addition to the high conductivity of the stainless steel, the machine is rigged with an accurate temperature regulator. The temperature control allows you to determine the water temperature within 0.1 degrees. The accurate temperature control allows you to determine the exact temperature of the bath and makes cooking easier; you don’t have to worry about overcooked food.

Furthermore, the control panel is designed for convenience; the machine features a touch screen control panel. With the panel, you can easily set the timer and temperature with a single touch of your finger.

The control panel also has an LED light that illuminates all the controls, even at night. You can easily see what is happening with your cooker from a distance.

Asides from the bright display, a timer function is also included in the setting. When the timer runs out, there is an electronic alert tone that notifies you. You no longer have to worry about your food overcooking or staying too long in the cooker because you will know when the timer runs out.


  • It has a timer alert.
  • Convenient controls and LED display.
  • Corrosion resistant.


  • Poor temperature reading.


You can use this product for cooking many meals, especially time-sensitive dishes. It comes with an electronic alarm that goes off when the timer is over.

3. All-Clad EH800D51 Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator 

The All-Clad immersion circulator is a 1000-watt professional Sous Vide cooker. The product has a dimension of 44.2 x 11.9 x 15.7 cm and is compatible with various water baths.

The first feature we want to point out is the power rating, and it has a rating of 1000 watts. The first two products we’ve considered showed a rating of 800 watts. Compared to the other products, the All-Clad immersion circulator can handle a lot more load and is more suitable for industrial cooking.

Also, the immersion circulator is compatible with many pots, water baths, and containers. It can heat any container size less than or equal to five gallons. You can cook many dishes or even a whole chicken with this product.

Furthermore, the immersion circulator is designed with safety in mind. At the back of the product, there is a screw clamp. The screw clamp makes it possible to fix the circulator to the water pot or whatever container you use.

Aside from the power and capacity of this product, other features make it a great choice for your cooking needs. The device has a friendly user panel that allows you to control the temperature and timer the way you want.

Also, the timer countdowns, and the device automatically turns off once it runs out. With this device, you no longer have to worry about food overcooking. Also, you can easily restart the timer if you feel your food didn’t cook properly.

You can regulate the cooker’s temperature because it’s sensitive and can read a 0.1 change in temperature. Furthermore, the control panel is rigged with an LED light, making it possible to see the temperature and timer. You can check your cooker at night without turning the lights on.

In addition to all the functional properties and advantages, the product has an attractive design. The glossed stainless finish gives the machine a sophisticated appearance that matches its operation.


  • Has a power of 1000 watts.
  • It can power up to five gallons.
  • Sensitive controls.
  • Adjustable clamp.


  • It consumes a lot of power.


The All-Clad EH800D51 Sous Vide Professional circulator can power up to five gallons and is a great choice for commercial kitchens.

4. Wevac Sous Vide Cooker 

Moving on, we want to look at the Wevac Sous Vide cooker. This cooker model is one of the recent versions, and it was released early in 2022. This product shows some advanced features compared to the ones we’ve already discussed.

This commercial cooker integrates beauty and efficiency into its product. The cooker has an all-black design that will catch your attention. Also, this all-black design makes it stain-proof and easy to wash.

The controls are designed for easy use. The product features a circular control panel at the top of the unit. The control panel uses big buttons and a large digital display for the timer and operation.

Also, the panel is located at the top of the unit for visibility; you don’t have to worry about steam covering your panel. The buttons are also large and easy to access, and you can quickly control the settings on your cooker.

Furthermore, there is another light at the neck of the machine. The light indicates the current state of your cooker, and you can see it from a distance. You no longer have to check your timer every time; you can easily look at the indicator on the neck.

Unlike the other brands we’ve discussed, the Wevac Sous Vide cooker is Wi-Fi enabled. With the mobile app, you can now connect your phone to your cooker and receive notifications from anywhere in your home. The cooker sends alerts to your phone when the timer is complete, and you can now do other things instead of monitoring the food.

Furthermore, you can control the timer and temperature without going near the cooker. With the help of the Wi-Fi connection, you can change the settings on your cooker directly from your phone.


  • Compatible with Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Elegant design.
  • The controls are easily accessible.


  • The Wi-Fi range is very limited.


The Wevac Sous Vide Cooker is a state-of-the-art immersion circulator that is fit for commercial use. It also permits hands-free control and Wi-Fi connection.

5. Anova Culinary Cooker Pro

Last but not least on our list is the Anova Cooker pro. Anova is one of the main manufacturers of immersion circulation cookers and other products. The cooker pro was released in 2019, but it is still one of the best Sous Vide machines.

The first feature we will point out is the voltage. This product has a voltage output of 220 volts and is the perfect choice for commercial cooking. Compared to the products we’ve discussed, this Anova cooker still has the highest power rating.

This product is specifically designed for Sous Vide cooking and can be used to make a wide range of dishes. These dishes include fish, chicken, lamb, pork, vegetables, beef, and several others. You can use this product for cooking both commercially and in your home.

The Anova Pro is made with stainless steel, one of the strongest and most corrosion-resistant materials. The stainless steel ensures the cooker lasts long without showing signs of rust or degradation.

Also, the stainless steel is durable, and your cooker won’t break on impact. The device has anIPX-7 rating and is confirmed to pass the drop test.

The device has an easy control interface located at the top. The control is designed to be user-friendly, and you can easily regulate the time and temperature of your cooker. The controls have an LED display and buttons for easy operation.

Furthermore, the machine comes with a breathing light on the neck. The light is another indicator that shows when your food is ready, or your timer has run out. You can easily monitor the cooking process from a distance using breathing light.

Finally, you can connect to the cooker with Wi-Fi using the app. You can easily get notifications on your cooking process directly on your phone.


  • High voltage.
  • You can connect with Wi-Fi.
  • It can hold up to 100L of water.
  • The body is durable.


  • Some settings are invalid.


The Anova Culinary cooker pro is a top-of-the-line commercial Sous Vide cooker that can be used for a wide range of dishes.

Wrap Up

There are different models of Sous Vide machines; they come in different sizes, capacities, and voltage. If you’re looking for something with a commercial capacity, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve gone through some commercial sous vide machines, which have proven to be among the best on the market. You can check out other machines and Sous Vide-related topicshere.

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