PowerXL Duo NutriSealer Review 2022

Whether you’re looking to explore the art of sous vide cooking, or prepping meals for the week, you’ll likely need a handy way to seal bags for storage.

Sealing food in a bag for any reason needs to be done right – if the bag is not properly sealed, water can get into your food, ruining the process. To ensure your food bags are vacuum sealed, there are different devices that you can use.

In this post we review the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer. This handy machine creates an airtight seal on the cooking bags around your food.

PowerXL Duo Nutri Sealer Reviews

We’ll look at the different features of this vacuum sealer, the best way to operate it, and its advantages.

PowerXL Duo NutriSealer Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer is a multi-purpose machine that seals all types of bags. It is designed to double seal your bags and also has features that make it a great choice for personal use.

To start this review, we’ll discuss the types of bags you can seal with this machine. You can seal any type of food bag with the PowerXL NutriSealer, and it’s designed to handle both dry and wet food substances. This product is ideal because there is almost no limit to the type of bag you can seal with it.

In addition to securely sealing bags for sous vide cooking or meal prep, you can also use the machine to seal bags for other applications, including the freezer, pantry, and refrigerator. The machine can also create small lunch bags for your kids.

One of the main features of this device is its convenience. Most vacuum sealers come with extra parts and are large and sometimes hard to handle. The PowerXL NutriSealer is a hand-held gadget with maximum efficiency. It’s designed to be portable and easy to use.

The sealer fits nicely into your palm without adding any extra weight. Despite the small size, it can perform all kinds of operations, from sealing bags to cutting different bag sizes.

Unlike other vacuum sealers, all the components you need are integrated into the PowerXL NutriSealer. You don’t have to spend extra money on other appliances like a cutter because it is already part of the package.

In addition to its small size and extra functions, this product is also easy to use. You don’t have to worry about complicated operation of this device because it comes with an explanatory mechanism. The sealing machine has LED indicators that guide you on all the steps necessary to properly seal a bag.

Once you plug in the sealing device, the LED indicator tells you what you need to do until you’ve successfully sealed the bag.

You can also use the device for more than sealing food bags. The application of this device is endless – you can use it to seal or create small travel bags for soap and cream, or even make airtight pouches for documents, and more.

Some extra parts also come with the vacuum sealer, such as an air suction hose, a quart of vacuum seal bags, four bag roll sets, and a recipe book.

The vacuum seal bags are suitable for a wide range of uses and are designed to withstand different conditions. The bags are safe to use in the freezer, dishwater, microwave, and in boiling water, for sous vide cooking.

Here are some of the PowerXL NutriSealer’s pros and cons:


  • Useful for sealing and cutting.
  • The device is portable.
  • Built-in bag cutter.
  • Works with wet and dry food and non-food items.
  • It comes with some bags and rolls.
  • It keeps food fresh.


  • It is not suitable for liquid sealing.


The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer seals your bags with a two-step protective seal, and it is suitable for any type of seal except liquid sealing.

Now that we’ve reviewed this product let’s look at some important points regarding using the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer.

How to Use the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer

Manual bag sealer

If you don’t know how to use a vacuum sealer, you can unknowingly damage it. We want to give you a quick insight into how to use the different features of this particular product.

Prepare Your Bag

Before you go to use your sealer, make sure that you’ve prepared the bag you want to seal. It is not advisable to leave the device plugged in when you’re not ready to use it because you’ll be wasting power. Also, leaving the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer on can be dangerous to you.

The NutriSealer comes with bags that you can use to store your food. Alternatively, you can get extras from the store. The bags that come with the device are tailored specifically to meet all your possible needs, including refrigeration, freezing, microwaving, and in boiling water. If you’re going to get the bags separately, we recommend using the same type of bags that come with the product as a guide.

Once you have the correct bag, place the content of your choice inside the bag. You can place any food in the bag, from meats to vegetables, dry food to wet food. You can also use the bag to keep other things, as seen in the review above. You can even store your shampoo, soap, or documents.

The main issue isn’t what you store in the bag but how you store it. Many people make the mistake of filling the bag to the brim before sealing, which should be avoided. If you fill the bag too much, your content may start spilling out when you want to seal the bag. Ensure that you leave enough space between the top of the bag and your content so there is adequate room for the machine to seal it.

Instead of filling the bag to the top, we recommend using a new bag if you still have items or food that won’t fit. Don’t try to stuff the bag – you can end up damaging your sealer. Also, we don’t recommend using the NutriSealer for liquids.

Place The Bag On The Sealer

After you’ve prepared your bag, get your sealer ready. The sealer should be plugged in and ready for action after your bag has been prepared and not before.

The sealer can be opened into the top and bottom layers. Place the top of your bag between these layers. If you want your bag to be sealed neatly, ensure that your sealer sits properly on a flat surface.

At this point, the vacuum sealer is already on, and you should be careful when operating it. Don’t let your hands touch the inner surface that is coated black because it can burn or shock you. Instead, ensure you’re only touching the outer protective case of the sealer.

Place the upper part of the sealer on top of your bag and apply a little pressure. If you’re doing it right, your bag should be secured between the sealer’s top and bottom layers.

Sealing And Storage

The next step is to seal your bag. There are three buttons on the device, and they show you how to operate the sealer. You will simply press a button to seal your bag, and the entire process will start automatically.

Press the first button to start the sealing process. The device removes all the air in the bag, after which it seals the bag at two different points to form a double vacuum seal.

Once you’ve sealed the bag, you can proceed to store it as you see fit.

If you want to reopen the bag later, you can use the cutter function of thevacuum sealer. To use the cutter, clamp the sealed part of the bag between the sealer, and push the black button in the other direction.

Advantages of the PowerXL Duo Nutri Sealer

If you’re wondering why you should get one of these devices, here are some advantages to owning the PowerXL Duo Nutri Sealer:

Easy To Use

The sealer is very portable, and it fits nicely into your hand. You can easily carry the vacuum sealer around the kitchen without feeling extra weight.

The mode of operation is straightforward, and you don’t need any special knowledge to operate the sealer.


You can use this device for different applications, including to preserve food, pack small travel essentials, seal documents, and more. You don’t have to limit the use of the NutriSealer to the kitchen; if you have a bag that needs sealing elsewhere, you can use this device just as easily.

Other Accessories

Another advantage is the extra accessories that come with the package. You get some free bags and rolls when you purchase this product.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re picking up the art of sous vide cooking, or if you just have bags that need to be sealed around the house and you’re looking for the perfect sealer, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve looked at other PowerXL Duo NutriSealer reviews, and as you can see this product is a great choice. This sealer can seal bags forsous vide cooking and several other applications.

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