Why Can’t I Buy A Joule?

Do a quick online search for a sous vide machine and a couple of major players come up again and again: Anova and Joule. Yes, there are other brands: the Chinese made Inkbird is moving steadily into the market and the French Eurochef is gaining solid traction (and there are a few others starting to make ground as well). However, it is Anova and Joule that are most prominent in sous vide articles and reviews.

Anova makes a number of models and seemingly all of them are available in Australia.

But what about the Joule? There are plenty of articles on the Joule and the ChefSteps team who developed it. We ourselves have highlighted the brilliant Chefsteps site and app as being awesome resources for all things sous vide related. For example, the site includes a wonderfully useful table which details how long to cook various popular items for and at what temperature. Priceless!

So, let’s tackle the elephant in the room – or the kitchen, to be precise. As I write this in May 2021 eBay appears to be the only place where you can buy a Joule sous vide immersion circulator in Australia. 

And this is even stranger when you realise that ChefSteps was bought by the Australian company Breville back in July 2019.

Vacuum sealed fresh pears for sous vide cooking with a Joule immersion circulator

If you do your online research into buying a Joule sous vide machine, you’ll be taken directly to the Breville website. So far, so good.

However, you’ll see that the landing page is for the USA. If you click on the USA flag, you’ll get a drop down menu offering a number of different locations, including Australia. Great!

Click on Australia and a box will come up asking if you wish to update your location. You do. From the USA to Australia. So go ahead and click. This will take you through to a completely separate Breville landing page, specifically targeted at the Australian market. Fantastic! Right? 

Sadly, no it isn’t. 

Type ‘Joule’ or ‘sous vide’ into the search bar and you will be told there are no results.

But Breville owns ChefSteps (the companythat makes the Joule) and clearly sells it in the USA, so what is going on?

Frustrated by this dead end, I sent an inquiry email to the support team at Breville. I heard nothing for a week, so I emailed again. This time, I heard back from a Customer Service Consultant who informed me that: 

‘…We are hoping to bring out this Joule Sous Vide sometime next year, but at this stage we do not have any date available. Please continue to check on our website for when they will be available.

So it appears that at present, it’s impossible to buy a Joule sous vide directly through Breville in Australia. 

Here at SousVide.com.au we will keep checking the Breville website on a regular basis, as they suggested, for updates and will let you know as soon as this changes.

Happy cooking!

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